29 Nov 2010

Xmas Cards for Winter Fair

The third years on my course traditionally have a stall selling our own creations at the Mill Road Winter fair in Cambridge. Alongside the zine image I've already posted, I designed three Christmas cards which will be sold on the stall.

20 Nov 2010

Mill Road Zine

I'm in my final year if my Illustration BA now and it's traditional for 3rd years to have a stall at the Mill Road Winter Fair in order to raise funds for the final year degree show. A couple of guys in my class are putting together a zine of peoples work with a Cambridge theme. I've got so much to do at the moment that I didn't have time to draw something entirely new so I cobbled this together using some sketchbook drawings from the zoology museum and a post-it note. Hopefully it looks pretty good! :3

16 Nov 2010

Victory Documented 2: the Booklet

Stephen's photos of the interior of the booklet. It's nice to see how it looks printed rather than the raw images. :3

Victory Documented!

A friend of mine is a 3rd year photography student and as a return favour he helped me out by taking some product photos of my V for Victory album for my portfolio (please excuse my bad cut-and-pasting on the last one!). Now you can see what the finished product looks like rather than just the pre-printed imagery.

Stephen's website is here: http://www.sdbphoto.co.uk/

4 Nov 2010

Phantom Limbs

My latest Portfolio development project is illustrating a chapter from the book 'The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat.' My chapter is on phantom limbs and these are the complete cover image and the 5 interior pages of the short booklet I've designed.