17 Aug 2012


My blog is now moving to Tumblr! If you still want to follow my work, please follow me on Tumblr instead! I am HERE!

14 Aug 2012

A trip to London

A few photos taken on a trip to London, at the Natural History Museum and the Science Museum. Since I can't draw at the moment, I took photos instead.

7 Aug 2012

More edits

I talk too much v2  

 Here's another re-edit of an older piece. I actually did this one a while back, when I updated my website design, but it seems I forgot to post it and as I can't do a lot of new drawing at the moment, this seemed like as good a time as any.

6 Aug 2012

Aphrodite (mark 2)

 A reworking of my original Aphrodite image. I decided that, being a Greek goddess, she ought to look more Greek (after realizing I've fallen fowl of the ingrained habit of drawing people that look like you: in my case white and blonde!), that the patterns and textures needed toning down a bit and that the face needed reworking. Hope you like the new version!