30 Nov 2009

Birds of paradise

These are some drawings from my summer sketchbook. I spent a lot of the summer in various museums drawing stuffed birds and other curiosities and i think my drawing improved markedly. I hope you like them too. :)

27 Nov 2009

Porto Walker

And this is one of the images from a sequence i developed about a man on an endless climb through Porto. I haven't done any painting for a while so i'm quite pleased with how this turned out.
I'm posting more than one image today since i forgot over the past couple of days!


A poster design for a project from the first year. My first attempt at typography design.

24 Nov 2009

Old Man Wallace

This is one of a series of three images from a character project in my first year. I want to give people some idea of the way i work so i'm posting some selected older works to begin with. The series of three was one of my favorite things i produced last year. This is composed using scanned textures and line drawings put together in photoshop.

23 Nov 2009

Birds on Stilts

I thought I'd start things off by posting a personal image I'm quite fond off from the start of summer. This is a creature i developed from a dream i had one night. There might be potential for a slightly strange 'picture book' in this i think.
This started as layers of cut paper then was smoothed out in photoshop and a background added. I have another bird-like creature image but I haven't worked on anything else from the dream yet.


I'm new to blogging but the general idea is to record my illustration and own work and to have something less shameful than deviantart to link people to if they ask about my work!
Hope it works out and that whoever looks at this likes what they see. On with the blogging! :)