30 Apr 2011

New Habits for Old

New Habits for Old

Another self-set editorial brief from The Economist.

29 Apr 2011

Elephants Single

I've been meaning to post this for a week! This is the completed cover design for the album cover I've been working on. I'll be taking photos of the album itself including the inside later.

25 Apr 2011


I have finally constructed my first little website! When I've got more time after the degree show I'm going to try and build a better on from scratch but this ones not looking too bad:


24 Apr 2011

Think before you speak

"Think before you speak"
My latest editorial project. An article from The Economist magazine about how distracted driving is becoming the new drink driving.

20 Apr 2011


Here's three more editorials I did a while ago but forgot to post! I edited them recently so thought I'd post them now. The first one is about how we've been looking in the wrong places on Mars in the search for alien life. The second is about how the seasons effect our emotions, and the third is about arab women leading revolutions in their countries.

13 Apr 2011


I'm still working on the album cover for Elephants. Here's a pattern I've been working on for the inside.

7 Apr 2011


A rough for the album cover design. I have a couple of other ideas in the works but I'm still pretty partial to the kaleidoscopes.