18 Feb 2011

From Stardust to Flesh

My second brief for my final major project: designing page layouts and cover for a chapter from 'The Faber Book of Science.' The chapter is called 'From Stardust to Flesh' and mainly explains the creation of elements within stars. This little booklet of images and text took me 4 days from concept to finished work.

12 Feb 2011

Trisickle - 'Altitude'

I'm volunteering as an illustrator for Trisickle magazine. My first commission from them was to create four images for a short piece of creative writing for their blog, which is now up here: http://trisickle.wordpress.com/.

11 Feb 2011

Book Covers

My first self-set brief for the final semester: book covers for two novels by Philip K Dick. Partially inspired by 60's posters.

10 Feb 2011

The Mood Organ

I'm currently finishing off book cover designs for two Philip K Dick books: 'Ubik' and 'Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?' This drawing forms part of my cover for the latter and is my interpretation of a machine in the book called the 'mood organ.'

4 Feb 2011

Altitude in Progress

I've been asked to do some illustrations for a blog post for Trisickle Magazine. I won't post the finished images until the blog post itself is up, but here's some progress drawings for two of the images. :)