30 Jan 2010

Art of Nurture Competition

These are my two entries for Lloyds TSB's Art of Nurture competition. I chose the theme 'working together.' I've had the thumbnail sketches for months but the final images here are unfortunately a bit of a rush job! I've had too much other work to do. Ah well, at least I've entered. I can but hope. :3

13 Jan 2010


Here's another two images for the CD project. I have about 8 now, arranged into a small booklet and I've used the one in the previous post to create a folding case design. Now to print and assemble. :)
(these two are inspired by the lines: 'white elephants, sitting ducks' and 'i've seen the devils coming up from the ground')

4 Jan 2010

war songs

I've been working on our Christmas brief. I chose to create a themed compilation and design the packaging for it. This is the first finished image i've come up with and it will probably be the cover (although i plan to make a small booklet of images as well). My compilation has a war theme and this image was inspired by a line from one of the songs; 'we lay our bones across the table at night.'