20 Aug 2011

IP1 again

Out? Where to?

I worked on this editorial for IP1 a while ago but couldn't post it till the magazine came out yesterday.

8 Aug 2011

Colourful Things


Power Tree!


Here are some of the more colourful things I was working on before my Karin portrait. Am starting to add nice worn/scratchy bits to my work to take a bit of the flat digital edge off it, as well as messing around with layers of scanned paint textures to create patterns on clothes, trees, hair etc.

Karin Drejer Andersson

Karin Drejer Andersson

I finally figured out how to link my images from flikr to avoid copyright issues thanks to Marcus Butt! Therefore I will start posting nice images again.
I've actually been working in lots of bright bright colours lately so this was kind of a swing in the other direction which I enjoyed. It's a portrait of Karin Drejer Andersson, who some of you might know as a member of the bands 'Fever Ray' and 'The Knife.' I'm a huge fan of her music and saw Fever Ray live last year.
This kind of reminds me of those creepy Victorian Memento Mori photos that I like. :)