29 Nov 2010

Xmas Cards for Winter Fair

The third years on my course traditionally have a stall selling our own creations at the Mill Road Winter fair in Cambridge. Alongside the zine image I've already posted, I designed three Christmas cards which will be sold on the stall.


  1. Dear Infinite Doodler,
    I was intrigued to stumble upon your blog and spent a good while reading it. I think you have some potential, however work like this really lets you down. As someone who's worked in art direction several years ago I always find it a shame to come across an image that makes me think 'what were you thinking??'
    This is not the only one that I've had this reaction to...I would urge you to really think about how your images will reflect on you as an illustrator.
    Apologies for giving a lecture. I hope to see better work from you soon.

  2. Mr.Anonymous sounds like a tutor, but I think he forgets that this is a blog where you can share images and thoughts of how and where you can improve. I find it annoying that although he offers his opinion, he does little to say how or where you can improve this illustration. It kind of reminds me of how unartistic people walk into a gallery and say, "Ohhh....that's nice...that really is nice." Yet they won't or can't explain why it's 'nice'. Also, if he feels that this is your 'weakest', then that really is 9 / 10 for great work, to look upon his criticism possitively. : )