25 Jun 2011

Me oh my

A self portrait. Just for fun. haven't tried to draw myself in years.

22 Jun 2011

To honour the imminent death of a pencil!

The death of a lucky pencil

A little drawing for fun. I have a 2B pencil I found lying in a studio and a cheap WHSmiths blue coloured pencil which are my favorite 'thinking' pencils for working up thumbnails. They are unfortunately both coming to the end of their lives.

I talk too much

I talk too much

For a Psychologies article titled 'I talk to much.'
"Talking a lot can act as a shell in which to hide from other people, but also from oneself."

English vs Continental

english vs continental

Self-set. For a Waitrose Magazine article comparing the two breakfast styles.

19 Jun 2011

Creative Block

A little illustration I came up with on the theme of creative block. Sometimes it's nice to draw something for no reason other than to draw.