22 Dec 2011

Brightly Coloured Fun

This week I've been having fun making bright and colourful things just for fun! Here's two of them for your viewing enjoyment:

falling girl


14 Dec 2011

Tea + Jam

jar of love

cup of love

kettle of love

I spoke to a little shop selling locally designed and made cards and various other crafts and they said if I could come up with some cards for spring/v-day season then they might take some on for me. These are my first design attempts. I rather like them but still need to consider how I'm going to produce them.

11 Dec 2011


I've been drawing in museums quite a lot to keep in practice but I haven't uploaded anything for a while, so here's a few pieces from my recent sketchbooks:

sarcophagus 3



ducks 2



The Life Cycle of a Business Man

the life cycle of a business man

This is my first piece for Ten Paces and Draw. A bunch of illustrators from all over the place contribute. There are a series of themes and a few of us make a sketch on the theme, exchange them and create finished pieces from somebody elses work. The link above will take you to the post with my work and the sketch it was based on by FitzFitzpatrick. It was an interesting exercise and I'd definitely like to do it again. :)