27 Jan 2012



Here's another Ten Paces and Draw sketch exchange result. This time the theme was 'Carnivores' and I was sent a sketch by Alan Dalby. Go here to see my work on the blog.
Also, here is his final piece based on my sketch on the same theme.

James Levy and the Blood Red Rose

James Levy and the Blood Red Rose By Abi Stevens

A second illustration for Amelia's Magazine. This time for an article about 'James Levy and the Blood Red Rose.' Again, the image is inspired by listening to the music rather than a drawing of the artists.

22 Jan 2012

Me Again

self portrait

A self-portrait. To give myself something to do and to update my icons on various websites.

19 Jan 2012

Pink and Gold and Glittering

Only If For A Night

This is my entry for the talenthouse.com competition to design 7" album art for Florence and the Machine's song 'Only if for a Night.' Part of the selection process is public vote so if you like my design and want to help me out then please go and vote for me here!



An Illustration for www.ameliasmagazine.com.
The open brief was to create an image inspired by Nedry and their music.

7 Jan 2012



A picture as a birthday present for a friend. A lovely little extraterrestrial werewolf! :3