17 Aug 2012


My blog is now moving to Tumblr! If you still want to follow my work, please follow me on Tumblr instead! I am HERE!

14 Aug 2012

A trip to London

A few photos taken on a trip to London, at the Natural History Museum and the Science Museum. Since I can't draw at the moment, I took photos instead.

7 Aug 2012

More edits

I talk too much v2  

 Here's another re-edit of an older piece. I actually did this one a while back, when I updated my website design, but it seems I forgot to post it and as I can't do a lot of new drawing at the moment, this seemed like as good a time as any.

6 Aug 2012

Aphrodite (mark 2)

 A reworking of my original Aphrodite image. I decided that, being a Greek goddess, she ought to look more Greek (after realizing I've fallen fowl of the ingrained habit of drawing people that look like you: in my case white and blonde!), that the patterns and textures needed toning down a bit and that the face needed reworking. Hope you like the new version!

29 Jul 2012

Dove Studies

Since I've not been able to do any new drawing due to soft tissue damage in my left wrist and hand, I decided to scan and alter some dove studies from when I was working on the wedding invitation image. This has allowed me to do something vaguely creative right-handed and therefore not go insane with boredom! Here they are:

doves 2 doves 1

8 Jul 2012


Unfortunately I have recently suffered soft tissue damage to my left hand. This is why I have not produced any new work lately and why I will be unlikely to be able to do so for a couple of weeks yet. :( Injuring my drawing hand is VERY inconvenient! I may try a few wrong-handed drawing exercises, but otherwise I'm out of commission for a little while.
I hope to supply the internet with new work as soon as I'm recovered (and have finished decorating my new flat!)


12 Jun 2012

Darling Doves for July 2013

Doves in Cherry Blossom - purple

Doves in Cherry Blossom

This is the finished wedding invitation design for my Mum and her fiance. It's taken me much longer to finish these images than normal due to a lack of free time recently, resulting from my now working two part-time jobs in Cambridge but commuting from Ipswich until I can get a flat. All the traveling doesn't really leave much time to be creative unfortunately.
The colour scheme for the wedding is red and purple and so there are two slightly different colour schemes to the invitation design. I'm going to start work on the typography for the inside now as well.

18 May 2012

Doves and Cherry Blossoms

I rarely do work in progress posts so I thought I'd shake things up a bit. I don't always spend that long on my line-work so I'm trying to work on putting more care and effort into my initial drawing.
This is a possible wedding invitation design for my Mum's wedding next summer. I'm working on the digital colouring in photoshop now.

4 May 2012

Eccentric Millionaires

This is my latest contribution to a Ten Paces and Draw Swap. This time the theme was 'eccentric millionaires' and I worked from a sketch by Jesse Tise.  See the swaps HERE.

1 May 2012

boneshaker postcards

This image (featured in issue 8 of Boneshaker Mag) is now available in a set with images by 5 other Boneshaker illustrators on the Boneshaker website. See here! :)
I got 25 free copies of my postcard and I've handed out a few at my first Cambridge Creative Network meeting. They seemed to go down well and were mentioned by the lovely Jolly Bureau on their website. There were lot's of lovely people at the meeting and if you live in the area I definitely recommend it for meeting other creatives and expanding your networking. They meet one evening a month at Baroosh in town.

21 Apr 2012


Leo Major

Another swap for Ten Paces and Draw. The theme was astrology and my image was based on a sketch by Shawn Hileman. The image, sketch and swaps by other illustrators can be see here, on the new Ten Paces website. Shawn Hileman also finished an image based on my own sketch of Urania, muse of astrology and astronomy. :)

21 Mar 2012

The Jackalope

believe in the jackalope

This is another personal image inspired by the dontpaniconline.com poster competition. This time the theme is 'believe.' To vote for my entry to help it reach judging, please go HERE!

9 Mar 2012

Website update

I've finally got round to revamping my website! Hopefully now looks simpler, cleaner and easier to navigate:

29 Feb 2012



New work. Still on a Greek mythology bent. This is Aphrodite. Swans, Sparrows and Doves are all sacred to her and she is sometimes described as the daughter of Zeus and Thalassa -the sea. (Much nicer than her more common birth story in which she is created when an older god is castrated and his bits thrown into the sea, causing her and the three Furies to rise from the foam and blood! ....ewwww!)
Having improved my pattern/texture supply I decided to experiment with a heavily patterned style. Didn't anticipate just how many extra hours of work this would entail but I'm pleased with the result! :)

26 Feb 2012



I set up an account on Society6 to sell prints etc if anyone's interested. :3

16 Feb 2012

The Faun King Journeys Through Space

The Faun King Journeys Through Space - Threadless T-shirts, Nude No More

I turned one of my images into a t-shirt design and submitted it to Threadless! Please score my design if you have a free moment?! :3

12 Feb 2012

The Nine Muses

The Nine Muses

A set of portraits of the nine muses. Made this after completing my Thalia and Melpomene poster, just for fun.

11 Feb 2012

Melpomene and Thalia

Melpomene and Thalia

This is my entry for the latest dontpaniconline poster competition. The theme is 'spirit' but I think I may have gone a little of topic by drawing muses! Melpomene is the muse of Tragedy and Thalia is the muse of Comedy. Anyhow, if you like it then please vote for my entry HERE.

2 Feb 2012

The Goat King

The Goat King

Personal work. Partly designed to match the 'Howling' illustration of the wolfman that I made for a friend. There may be a third matching piece too eventually.

27 Jan 2012



Here's another Ten Paces and Draw sketch exchange result. This time the theme was 'Carnivores' and I was sent a sketch by Alan Dalby. Go here to see my work on the blog.
Also, here is his final piece based on my sketch on the same theme.

James Levy and the Blood Red Rose

James Levy and the Blood Red Rose By Abi Stevens

A second illustration for Amelia's Magazine. This time for an article about 'James Levy and the Blood Red Rose.' Again, the image is inspired by listening to the music rather than a drawing of the artists.

22 Jan 2012

Me Again

self portrait

A self-portrait. To give myself something to do and to update my icons on various websites.

19 Jan 2012

Pink and Gold and Glittering

Only If For A Night

This is my entry for the talenthouse.com competition to design 7" album art for Florence and the Machine's song 'Only if for a Night.' Part of the selection process is public vote so if you like my design and want to help me out then please go and vote for me here!



An Illustration for www.ameliasmagazine.com.
The open brief was to create an image inspired by Nedry and their music.

7 Jan 2012



A picture as a birthday present for a friend. A lovely little extraterrestrial werewolf! :3