24 Dec 2009


The last project from ideas through design. A one week project to create an illustration for an article called 'gibbon back their freedom' which is about gibbon conservation.

21 Dec 2009

Porto animation

My first ever animation, made with my class/housemate Georgia for the Porto Animation project at uni. Not finished yet but hopefully we'll be able to complete it soon.

20 Dec 2009

Stilt mouse

I've been busy recently finishing work for end of semester hand-in's so it's been a while since i updated. Here are some of the character drawings i made for an ideas through design project combining animal's with modes of transport. this is barry the stilt mouse!

5 Dec 2009

Porto Puppets

These are the four puppets which will be starring in my animation project! They're made from wire, cotton wool, masking tape, polystyrene balls, paper, cardboard, paint and various fabrics and took Georgia and I a very very long time to make!

3 Dec 2009

Alternative energy

I really should start scanning in some more recent work but i'm pretty busy trying to get work finished at the moment so i haven't got round to it!
This is a finished image for our first ideas through design project this year. Theme of alternative energy.

1 Dec 2009

My opinion wasn't that important!

This is my poster design for the National Student Survey. I won the competition but unfortunately the edited version of the poster is rather horrible. I had no part in the editing process. At least i can preserve the original! :3