23 Jul 2011

Sock It To Me

Design a sock competition sounded like fun so I knocked a couple out! The car one was actually an entry for Tigerprints Male Pattern competition but didn't get anywhere so I re purposed it. I'm enjoying creating repeating patterns at the moment so may try a couple more.

21 Jul 2011


IP1 Magazine

I designed a couple of banners for the website of local magazine IP1. Keep refreshing the page to see different ones. Mine are the one of lots of fish and one with the astronaut. They've asked me to do some work for the next issue of the magazine too. :)

Contact sheet

My first attempt at making a contact sheet for sending to art directors etc. This ones for my editorial work. I'm working on another for book cover design. :3

8 Jul 2011

The Eco-Commuter

eco-commuter 2

The Eco-Commuter

Something my brain came up with on the train home from London today after New Designers. Just for fun.