31 Mar 2011


An illustration for a competition for Eggmag for a double-page spread on the theme of importance of growing plants in the city for cleaner air, better quality of living and to help keep honey bees alive. As far as I'm aware I didn't win but I like the piece anyway.

24 Mar 2011

Beyond Lies the Wub

One of my tutors kept saying it would be nice to have three covers for my Philip K Dick project rather than two. I had a bit of a gap in projects so I made another one for the first in the series of his collected short stories 'Beyond Lies the Wub.'

19 Mar 2011

One Hundred Years of Solitude

This is my entry for the Penguin book cover competition. Possibly still going to edit the back a little as I've been trying to make the blurb more legible without losing the pattern in the background completely.

9 Mar 2011


Came up with this idea while I was working on the previous editorial piece. I don't have an article to go with it but I thought it might make an appropriate image for an article from soon after the election, when everyone's reaction to the coalition was amusingly extreme.


This is the first editorial brief I've set myself for my Final Major Project. I got a friend to pick the article at random and blank out the original illustration. It was a challenging article to translate into a visual idea but in the end it only took me a couple of days.
(obviously this is not a published piece of work, only mocked up so you can see how it would look.)