20 Sep 2010

Geek Love - The Jar Kids (mark 2!)

I've re-worked this first image so it fits in better with the others. Before it was quite a lot simpler but I felt it needed the shadows and a more watery element.

18 Sep 2010

Chlorine Foot Bath - Miss Lick

Miss Lick enjoys her chlorine foot bath at the pool, unaware that Oly is plotting her demise! :p

14 Sep 2010


The second of my finished images for the summer project. Might need to edit this one a little. Shows Miranda in the strip club.

12 Sep 2010

Jar Kids

First draft of the Jar Kids. This is before adding shadows and bubbles. Less atmospheric but I rather like the flat colours.

11 Sep 2010

Geek Love - The Jar Kids

These are my favorites; two of the dead Jar Kids; Leona the Lizard Girl and Janus the two-headed boy: